The NHS’ latest project is virtual reality-style tech goggles for community nurses to wear.

How would these be beneficial? You ask

53% of a community nurse’s working day is spent on non-clinical activities, according to Lord Carter.

The goggles aim to improve nurses’ ability to care for their patients during home visits.

Through the goggles, nurses can schedule appointments and share live footage of wounds.

As well as this, the smart goggles have thermal imaging and can track how long it takes nurses to do certain tasks.

This will help nurses track their day and manage their diaries better.

Digital PODAC, a funding programme, supported the NHS with £400,000 to dedicate to projects.

Overall, there are 16 projects across the ambulance and community health sectors.

By reducing work hours spent on paperwork, this will allow nurses to have more time with patients.

The ‘smart goggles’ were trialled by the community teams based in Northern Lincolnshire and Goole.

NHS director for transformation, Dr Tim Ferris explained “NHS staff can test what works for them and what provides the best possible care for patients.”

In addition, he clarified “These new smart glasses are the latest pioneering tech and really show us what the future of the NHS could look like – they are a win-win for staff and patients alike”.

Alongside tech goggles, the NHS has developed transformational smartwatches.

The smartwatches were created by University Hospitals Plymouth and the University of Plymouth.

The watches aim to help patients with Parkinson’s disease, as they track movement.

Kinematograph data is sent to doctors, allowing them to asses whether patients need physiotherapy.

Patterns like excessive movement, immobility and sleep disturbances can be tracked.

Amanda Pritchard, the NHS England chief executive, claims the watches can help improve life for 120,000 patients.

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