Have you ever considered a world where drones fly over your house carrying blood samples?

Neither did we, until India's healthcare sector recently launched its first medical drone trial!

Balfor Recruitment Group investigates the impact flying drones will have on the healthcare sector’s future and what to expect.

Although this idea could seem far fetched, there are plenty of benefits when using medical drones instead of your usual transportation vehicle!

What could these be? You ask.

Drone Data:

Well, recent data has proven that drones deliver faster than cars and reduced blood expiration wastage by 67%.

These medical drones cover large distances as well, flying from city to city to deliver your blood samples on time.

In India’s test trial, their drone only needed one break whilst completing 44 miles – which was scheduled as a battery swap.

Sky Aire Mobility, the company behind the test trial of the drones, revealed that “we have significantly reduced the time it takes when using conventional means, by around 48%”.

This healthcare development has the potential to change the entire game, as deliveries will be able to now reach families from rural backgrounds and economically impoverished areas.

Research conducted by Lancet Global Health in 2019 revealed that the delivery times of drones took far less time, with half of the orders taking 41 minutes or less. As well as this, the reports of wasted blood donations dropped.

With all of these positive attributes the drones are providing the healthcare sector, it would be a surprise if their involvement declined in the near future.

So don’t be surprised if you see a few more drones flying over your head in the next few years!


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