People assume that recruiters don’t work over the Christmas period but December is the perfect time for job hunting.

You are 100% missing out if you stop looking for jobs during the festive season, as companies are still looking for candidates.

Contrary to the opposite belief, companies are still searching for perfect candidates in December.

There are multiple reasons why Christmas is the perfect time to hunt for your next job:

Less competition:

Many of us switch off during the Christmas period, which leaves room for others to grab those vacancies.

Taking advantage of quieter times will give you a better chance of being noticed for jobs.

This gives hiring managers the chance to properly analyse your CV and all of your skills.

A lot of people wait until January to start their search so beat the crowd and start now!

Here at Balfor Recruitment Group, we are still looking for amazing candidates to fill all of our roles.

Companies may have extended budgets:

As the new year approaches, companies may have a hiring budget to use up before 2022 ends.

It may be worth setting up job alert notifications with websites like LinkedIn and Indeed, especially with your favourite companies.

This is the time to be organised and be on the watch!

You’re prepared for 2023

January is the busiest time of the year for recruiters, as the number of vacancies only increases after Christmas.

If you take this time to be proactive, there’s more chance of securing a role for January.

Some hiring managers still work throughout Christmas, so there’s no reason to stop searching.

This means you could even secure an interview before New Year’s Eve arrives!

Good luck and we hope you have an amazing Christmas.

Balfor Recruitment Group:

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