Are you contemplating a career in teaching and the education sector? Are you wondering what kind of work experience you’ll need to become a teacher in the UK?

Well, you’re at the right place! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the qualifications and experience needed to become a teacher – as well as how we can help you.

First things first…

To become a teacher in the UK, a degree is necessary. This could either be a degree in education or in the subject you plan to teach. In addition to a degree, you’ll need to obtain a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). This can be earned through completing a teacher training programme.

But what about work experience?

Whilst it’s not crucial to have vast experience working in schools, it’s most definitely beneficial.

For instance: experience working as a teaching assistant, youth worker or tutor can help you develop the skills and knowledge required for teaching.

Volunteering in schools or participating in work experience programmes can give you an insight into the daily life of teachers and whether it’s the right career move for you.

Balfor Education understands the importance of work experience in the education sector, and they can help candidates secure roles that will provide that valuable experience.

We work with a wide range of schools and educational institutions, from primary schools to secondary schools, and even special educational needs settings. Balfor Education offers a variety of roles; ranging from teaching assistants to cover supervisors.

These roles can provide a foot in the door and help candidates gain the experience they need to progress in their teaching careers.

Searching for work experience in the West Midlands?

So, whether you’re a recent graduate hoping to kickstart your teaching career or someone looking for a change of job, we can help! With our wealth of knowledge and experience within the education sector, we can provide candidates with great support and guidance.

To conclude, whilst a degree and QTS are needed to become a teacher, work experience is still hugely beneficial to have. You can pursue this through volunteering, work experience placements, or paid roles. All of these can help you develop the skills needed for a successful career in teaching.

Balfor Education

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