Thinking of changing career paths?

Posted on 3 January 2023

Are you struggling to decide whether a career change is right for you or whether to take the leap?

Many successful figures of our generation changed career paths later on in their life. For instance, Dwayne Johnson transitioned his career twice from football to WWF to acting.

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In case you’re feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed, here are some factors to consider before taking the leap.

Firstly, identify the reason you’re unhappy and leaving your current role.

A few of the most popular reasons why employees switch careers are:


Research from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) estimates that 6.5 million people in the UK are likely to quit their job in the next year. Their survey of 6,000 UK workers found a third (35%) are moving for better pay elsewhere.

Unsatisfactory Leadership:

One in five employees (21%) blamed their unhappiness on senior management. Poor leadership has the potential to destroy productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Lack of Career Progression or Opportunities:

 Lower earners (up to £20,000 annually) face fewer development opportunities, with 39% agreeing they aren’t able to progress in their careers.

Work Flexibility:

A poll carried out by the ADP (Automatic Data Processing) found that 60% of UK workers desired more flexibility and 45% would accept lower pay to do so.

PwC’s (PricewaterhouseCoopers) study found that 40% of UK workers plan to leave their jobs due to: Uncaring and uninspiring leaders, lack of meaningful work and lack of support for health and well-being. 

Now that we’ve established why you want to leave your current workplace, you may want to consider these factors:

  1. What do you want to achieve in this role? Are you searching for more recognition or an opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder?
  2. Identify and highlight your transferable skills. The role you hold now has likely allowed you to develop and strengthen your professional skills – regardless of how different your new career is from your current.
  3. Be prepared to take a step back, to move forward. Sometimes when changing careers, taking a lower position is the only option. The long-term benefits of this won’t keep you at the bottom for long.
  4. Prioritise networking! Spread the word that you’re looking to change careers, clear old LinkedIn contacts and do your research about your new industry – LinkedIn groups are very handy for this.
  5. Stick at it every day. Success is only guaranteed by putting in consistent effort. Take inspiration from those in the field and identify skills that you share. Sign up for online classes or research a company that impresses you.

It’s never easy to start over at a new job, and a career change is no exception. But the only way for you to figure it out is to dive in head fast. Passion is one thing but being prepared goes a long way too.

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