Reasons To Go Into Healthcare

Posted on 6 April 2022

Reasons To Go Into Healthcare


Healthcare is one of the most rewarding careers

As a healthcare worker, you get to make a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis. You’ll touch and change the lives of your patients and their families with kindness and empathy. Why should you get into healthcare? Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • You’ll make a positive impact every day – When working in healthcare, you’re guaranteed to help improve a patient’s day. With over a million patient contacts a year, the opportunity to improve a patient’s day is endless.


  • NHS discounts and benefits – There are plenty of discounts available for NHS workers, ranging from supermarkets to high end designer brands. As well as the discount, NHS workers can enjoy; flexible working, a trade union, sick-pay, child-care schemes, a bike scheme and affordable living scheme. You can also sign up for a free prepaid VISA cashback card – the Ode card. 

  • Pay –  Unlike popular belief, the pay in healthcare can be quite decent. There are more than 300 roles available to apply for, all with suitable pay. Entry levels can start at £14,294, whereas senior levels can earn over £90,000. 

  • Training – The chance to develop in your professional career at the NHS is very likely as they provide excellent training and support for their employees. Since healthcare workers are in such high demand, extra training is often encouraged. Regular reviews and plans are routine, whether you’re working part or full time. 

  • A good pension – The NHS offers a rewarding pension and a tax-free lump-sum after retiring. 

The right time to step into a career in healthcare…

With the after effects of the global  pandemic taking its toll on our national health service, there is no better time than now to step into your career in healthcare. The extensive waiting list most patients are experiencing is only going to decrease when more roles are filled in doctors, clinics, hospitals and more…The recruitment surge in the medical field is at an all time high, and the urge for readily qualified people to apply is greater than ever before. With all of the attractive benefits above, what’s stopping you taking the leap?

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