The Metaverse and the Recruitment Sector

Many are anticipating the popularisation of the Metaverse and what it has to offer the world, including the recruitment sector.  


After Covid-19 struck, businesses turned to the digital world to connect with potential candidates via Zoom and other online platforms. 


A large percentage of employees now prefer these digital advancements and actively seek them for future jobs e.g. working remotely.  


As the pandemic panic dwindled, Mark Zuckerberg took his chance to announce the launch of the Metaverse.  


Zuckerberg described the Metaverse as “an embodied internet… where instead of just viewing content – you are in it.” 


Since opening the Metaverse last October, recruitment businesses have already begun investing in the digital world.  


For example, PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers, an international services brand) is currently using a Metaverse platform to recruit.  


‘Virtual Park’ has been a huge success in attracting attention, as PwC engaged with over 17,000 students on the Metaverse platform. 


Jeremy Dalton, head of extended reality (XR) for PwC UK explained that candidates “feel more at ease in Virtual Park… and they can present themselves through a digital avatar that they can customise to their liking.”  


A virtual recruitment platform could be appealing to candidates and employers, in several ways.  


For candidates: 

  • They’re able to alter their appearance through the use of digital avatars, which can boost confidence.  
  • Nerves can be reduced when attending interviews virtually, helping candidates to perform better.  
  • They’re able to apply to more places, as travelling can be avoided. 
  • Virtual tours are available, allowing candidates to gain a feel of the work environment before travelling. 


For employers: 

  • Companies can host larger events online, that can be accessed by more potential employees.  
  • Have more candidates apply for their job vacancies, as in-person attendance is less valued. 
  • They’re able to test candidates in more situations online, helping employers see how they’d handle a situation in the real world.  


As well as this, virtual job fairs have also taken place in the Metaverse via “Gather Town”.  


Gather argues “Online job fairs are the perfect low-effort, high-return option for recruiters and employers looking to expand their workforce”.  


Both Samsung and Hyundai have hosted virtual job fairs, where candidates were able to talk to avatars of HR managers and staff.  


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