There are many ways short-term supply teaching can benefit an Early Career Teacher (ECT) career journey.

Temporary supply teaching allows you to gain experience whilst having support from your chosen recruitment agency when preparing for your Early career Teacher’s journey.ย 

Fresh graduates often follow the route of supply teaching, as it develops your professional teaching CV and grants you access to further training.

Support working also offers flexibility, as you can choose which school and year group you prefer to work alongside.

Balfor Education can assist you throughout this journey, from helping you find supply work to assisting you with your Early Career Teaching career.

There are plenty of benefits when starting your education journey as a supply teacher:

Gaining Experience for your Early Career Teacher (ECT) Journeyย 

If you aspire to be an Early Career Teacher in the future, having experience is a crucial requirement for the job.

Supply work is so convenient as it provides a fantastic opportunity to gain experience! You can work in multiple schools and educational settings, allowing you to feel what works best for you.

Flexible Shifts

Short-term supply teaching is much less demanding when compared to your future role as a permanent ECT. You can choose when you work and fit it around your schedule, which is desirable to many! Ultimately, you’re able to construct your teaching days.

Easier Transition to a Career in ECT

Working as a supply teacher is a great chance to get your foot through the door and familiarise yourself with a school. Many of our candidates are offered permanent roles at the school they choose.

You have endless options when starting as a supply teacher, especially if you choose to register with Balfor Education. Here are a few of the advantages of working with Balfor:

  • A large variety of schools to choose from
  • Expert advice and guidance from a specialist consultant providing you with dedicated service around the clock
  • Fast application process
  • Competitive pay rates
  • More control over your employment

We strive to support and help you develop your ECT journey, register with us today by calling 0121 260 0000 or emailing at [email protected].

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