Balfor Education is promoting from within! Two members from the Balfor team have been promoted this month, congratulations to Rebecca and Hayley! 


Rebecca and Hayley were both Education Talent Acquisition Consultants, who have now been promoted to Education Recruitment Consultants.


We spoke with both employees about their journey with Balfor Recruitment Group and their promotion…


What has your journey with Balfor been like thus far?


Hayley: I’ve worked at Balfor for seven months now. Since joining the recruitment team, my main ambition was to be promoted within my role. I’m very eager to start my new journey as an Education Consultant!


Rebecca: When starting at Balfor, I was a bit dubious. This is because I hadn’t worked in the recruitment industry before, as my previous job was in teaching. I knew it was time for a change and I welcomed the opportunity Balfor offered me. I’m confident I made the right choice because I’m currently thriving here. 


What excites you most about working with Balfor?


Hayley: I love how supportive the team are and the office’s atmosphere is always great. I can’t wait to continue my journey with such a great team and become a successful Education Consultant. 


Rebecca: I really enjoy the fact that we have a really nice office space and how many different faces we see every day in Brindley Place. 


What do you enjoy about working in Brindley Place? 


Hayley: Brindley Place is such an exciting and lively place to work. There are so many restaurants and bars that surround us, meaning there’s always somewhere new to eat or drink for lunch or after work. 


Rebecca: I like how we’re surrounded by many great restaurants and shops, as well as the outdoor space we can use. The hustle and bustle of working in the middle of Birmingham City Centre is something I love, as I’ve never worked in the city before.


What do you want to achieve at Balfor and where do you see yourself in the future with us?


Hayley: My aims are to become a successful consultant with numerous clients and have candidates who are happy in their roles. 


Rebecca: I wish to keep improving in my role and continue to climb the Balfor ladder as far as I possibly can. I also aspire to build my desk as much as I can, reaching my full potential. 


What does a day-to-day routine look like when working for Balfor Education?


Hayley: A typical day is very fast-paced in the office and there’s never a quiet moment. I’m working with great and supportive colleagues, who I can rely on. The team are always there if I need help and vice versa. 


Rebecca: I come into work with my usual vanilla latte, check all of my emails and attempt to get through as much compliance as possible. Afterwards, I post all of my job advertisements for new vacancies I’m recruiting for and check for responses from others. My goal is to get all of my candidates booked into schools. As well as this, I check in with my candidates – ensuring they’re happy and satisfied, checking everything with their new role is going smoothly. 


Have there been any challenges you’ve overcome since joining Balfor Education? 


Hayley: My struggle was that I was so used to working in a school setting so it took me quite a while to get used to working in an office. However, the support from the team made it an easy transition. 


Rebecca: When I first joined Balfor Education, I wasn’t used to being in the recruitment industry. Whilst in teaching, it didn’t require me to make as many outbound phone calls – as it was mostly face to face. Confidence is something I also struggled with but I built it up over time. Part of this job is to learn as you go and develop new and current skills.


What did you do before joining Balfor Education?


Hayley: I worked as a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant at a secondary school, which is what I worked as for most of my career. This career background really helped me when joining Balfor, as I had knowledge from working in education. 


Rebecca: I was teaching in a primary school, which I did for many years. I absolutely loved it and I still really enjoy working with children. However, I knew it was time for me to move on and take on a new role. I have a few friends who worked in the recruitment industry and they encouraged me to get into the industry. I applied for Balfor Education and my interview went really well – and here I am today!


What’s been your best memory since working with Balfor?


Hayley: We recently had a great night out at Jukeboxers in Brindley Place – it’s so nice to work in such a fun team and be able to go out together. 


Rebecca: My favourite memory would be when I received the news that I’d been hired! I knew I’d wanted to change career paths and be in the recruiting industry for a while so when I received the news, I was so overjoyed! This was the beginning of a new chapter of life for me. 


Lastly, what would you tell someone hoping to get into recruiting? 


Hayley: Working in Education Recruitment is such a greatly rewarding role! After working in education for so long, it’s been great to place my teacher and teaching assistant candidates in their roles. 

Rebecca: If you want to get into Education Recruitment, I’d say definitely do your research on what the role entails. Definitely speak to as many people as you can that already work in the recruitment industry! It’s even better if you can speak to people from the education sector, as each sector is very different. Also, check the job requirements and whether it’s really for you. But, most importantly, just go for it because it could be the best thing that happened to you.

The Balfor Team are always promoting and advancing careers from within! If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in email [email protected].

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