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5 Tips for Working in a Nursery


Those who work in Early Years and nursery settings often describe their jobs as hugely rewarding, despite the challenges.

Are you trying to get into the nursery industry and seeking some advice? Look no further! Balfor Recruitment’s blog offers specialist advice and guidance for those wanting employment in the healthcare and education sectors. 

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There are many different routes to getting a nursery job, such as; a college course, apprenticeships, volunteering, and applying directly. The average salary ranges from £14,000 to £24,000 and has a typical 40-hour working week. It is important to note that an enhanced background check will need to be completed in order to work around children. 


So here are some tips for the industry and what to expect:

  • Stay clean!

    The transmission of illnesses is extremely high in nurseries e.g. coughs, colds and even outbreaks of E.coli occur. This happens because of the high quantity of children sharing the same toys and equipment on a daily basis. Regular and effective handwashing is vital, for both staff and their children. Antibacterial gels have proven to be useful and act as a quick defense against bacteria.

  • Build a good relationship with your team.

    Having a positive workplace is important for the children, as well as boosting staff morale. If a team is split and divided, this will have a direct impact on the children and their time at the nursery. Building a strong team relies on efficient communication and valuing all members. 

  • Be prepared to work longer hours.

    Compared to other jobs, the childcare industry can be quite demanding and average up to 40 hours a week. Despite the rewarding side of this career, don’t be surprised if you gather some overtime hours. 

  • Follow advice colleagues give you.

    In order for shifts to run smoothly, it’s best to listen to your team and abide by what works best for the children. Your team members know what works and what doesn’t; going against this can be destructive. 

  • Try to remain calm!

    It can be challenging to keep calm whilst handling so many children at once but this is a very important step. Taking deep breaths in particularly stressful situations can be helpful, to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. 


Hopefully, this article has helped you prepare for working in a nursery, with the five tips listed above. There are plenty of roles available to apply for on https://balfor.co.uk/jobs/ , where you can submit your CV.


By Millie Spooner