Teaching Assistant Jobs: Why They’re Great

Posted on 3 January 2023

So you’re looking to start your career as a teaching assistant but wondering… what are the benefits?

Look no further, Balfor Education has summarised exactly why working as a teaching assistant is amazing!

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or have a general passion for working with children, there are many advantages to being a teaching assistant.

If you’re contemplating whether this is the right career move for you, continue reading!

You’ll feel a great sense of reward:

Despite the chaotic and busy nature of working in a classroom, being a teaching assistant can be one of the most rewarding jobs available.

As you assist children in reaching their learning goals, you will be responsible for helping them with their work and overcoming their learning difficulties.

Being able to witness the development of your pupils and knowing you were a part of that will inevitably fill you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

In a recent Government Social Research report, titled ‘Exploring Teaching Assistants’ appetite to become teachers,’ 78% of teaching assistants found it extremely satisfying to see children develop and progress.

Using all of your skills on a daily basis:

Students and teachers benefit from the educational and social support of teaching assistants day-to-day.

Depending on the school, teaching assistants perform a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Your job can include:

  • Preparing the classroom to be ready for lessons
  • Assisting children when reading or telling stories
  • Supporting teachers with lesson and activity planning
  • Completing records and administrative tasks
  • Extra training

Teaching assistants are often hired by schools with specific specialisations, such as literacy and numeracy, special educational needs (SEN), music, and the arts.

You’ll most likely need different approaches for different children, with their varied learning styles. However, this will also expand your own skill set.

A strong career path

There are plenty of opportunities to progress when becoming a teaching assistant, whether you’re aspiring to be a teacher or achieve a specialist support role.

You’ll be able to learn what environments you enjoy working in and what your goals are long term e.g. do you prefer working in larger or smaller groups?

No two days are the same

You can never predict a day in education, as it’s very fast-paced and full of energy.

Some days you’ll be offering one-to-one support, others you’ll be preparing a classroom and lessons. Sometimes you might even get a chance for a cuppa!

All jokes aside, there are a lot of responsibilities involved in this job – which will leave your days packed with activities and events.

A healthy work-life balance

As you’ll be working as a teacher’s assistant, you’ll only be required to work during the school terms and hours.

This means you’re also able to spend the half terms with your friends and families, for a much-needed break.

If this sounds like a career path you’d be interested in, you can always speak to one of our specialist consultants at Balfor Education. You can call 0121 260 0000 or email [email protected] for any inquiries.

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