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Balfor, Specialists in education recruitment have various full time teaching jobs in Birmingham available. Having many networks with educational institutions in and around Birmingham makes us a step ahead in placing you in your next teaching venture…

Becoming a School Teacher in Birmingham

A satisfying and fulfilling job choice is full time teaching. In addition to having the chance to join a lively and diverse community, you will have the chance to positively influence the lives of your students. Birmingham is the place to be if you are prepared to begin your teaching career, with plenty of multicultural schools full of children that need your knowledge to better their future.

Birmingham Teacher placed in full time teaching job with Balfor Recruitment
Teacher in full time role with Balfor Recruitment

Birmingham Full Time Teaching

There are many benefits of working as a full time teacher in Birmingham. If you are interested in teaching in Birmingham and possess the necessary credentials, register with Balfor today and reap the rewards the fantastic job opportunities offer.

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Full Time Teaching Benefits

Job Stability

Impact on Society

Personal Satisfaction

Professional Growth

Good Work-Life Balance

Generous Benefits

Opportunities for Advancement

Job stability: Teaching is a stable and secure career, with a high demand for qualified teachers in Birmingham.

Impact on Society: Teachers have the opportunity to positively impact students' lives and shape the future by imparting knowledge and skills.

Personal Satisfaction: Many teachers find great satisfaction in knowing they have made a difference in the lives of their students.

Professional Growth: Teachers have the opportunity to continue their own learning and professional development throughout their careers.

Good Work-Life Balance: Many teaching jobs come with a set schedule, providing a good balance between work and personal time.

Generous Benefits: Many schools offer benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off to full-time teachers.

Opportunities for Advancement: Teachers who excel in their jobs can take on leadership roles, such as department chair or school administrator.

Overall, having a full time teaching job in Birmingham can be a rewarding and fulfilling career that offers stability, personal satisfaction, and opportunities for growth. At Balfor, we will help you find the ideal position and will guide you through the application process step-by-step. If you possess the necessary teaching credentials, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Current Teaching opportunities in Birmingham

We are currently working with many Birmingham-area schools and have a range of teaching positions open to teachers at all key stages. We recruit the following teaching positions:

  • Primary Teaching in Birmingham
  • Secondary School Teaching in Birmingham
  • SEND Teaching jobs in Birmingham.
  • Early Years Teaching in Birmingham
Full time teaching jobs in primary schools with Balfor

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