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Balfor’s Advanced Tips on Constructing the best CV for Teachers

Posted on 28 February 2022

Balfor’s Fool-Proof CV TOP TIPS!


Your CV is very important to get right! That’s why we want to share our CV top tips!

Your CV may be the reason you do and do not get accepted for a role.

I have given you a simple and straightforward format that could make a huge difference to your employability.

Keep reading if this is something you could use support with!

Example CV below

Simple and reliable CV for a Teacher seeking a new role

Teachers CV



Name, Role, Address and contact information



Personal Profile




Education/ Qualifactions



Work History



Other experience/ Hobbies



Reference Details


Let me give you a rundown on some points to consider:

  • Ensure your CV is no more than 2 pages long. Any longer would look too long-winded and defer an employer from reading or looking into your CV.

REMEMBER your CV will be one of many an employer will consider. Make your stand out… SIMPLICITY is key


  • In order for employers to contact you, it is vital to include key information at the top of your CV.


  • Start with your Name and Job title nice and bold so it stands out. Follow with your address and contact information.


  • It is good practice for an educational based CV to specify whether you are a driver with a Clear driving license and have a clear DBS.


  • Your personal profile should be no more than a 5-line paragraph. Sell yourself what makes you employable.


  • Outline all the roles and responsibilities in your work history. Refrain from repeating the same responsibilities if you worked in the same role in separate places. Use this opportunity to sell your capability of the role your want to be considered for.


  • Make your Cv is more personal to you and highlight your hobbies and other experiences that could strengthen you as a potential candidate.


We hope these CV top tips lead you to your next new job… Remember, first impressions are everything.


Author: Kiran Khukh

Email: kiran@balfor.co.uk