Martin Haworth
‘I’ve been working for Balfor at Worcester University for 9 months now.  I really enjoy the work – it’s very varied with every student and course supported being different.  Pam, at Balfor, is really efficient and helpful with any queries; Pam works closely and effectively with Connie at the University who is also great. 
The support each student needs is unique to them – according to their needs and the demands of the course.  I take a strong professional pride in the quality of work I deliver to the student.’

Monica Jeffries
This is just to say how much I have enjoyed the work at the University of Worcester over the last couple of years.  Acting as a Support Worker is a wonderfully fulfilling job to do.  Working with so many lovely students and accommodating their conditions is so rewarding, fulfilling and such a happy experience.
A big ‘thank you’ to BALFOR for always being quick to answer any queries and in passing on relevant and up to date information.  I believe this was done from last July, at least, in somewhat difficult circumstances. Your ability to divvy up the work, answer our constant queries and to liaise and act as an axis between the university and us as student support workers, is always done courteously, promptly and professionally.
I hope that you will be able to pass on to me this type of work again for the academic year beginning September 2016 and look forward to working with you all again.
Sharon O’Brien
I obtained my role as a Note Taker at the University of Worcester about 4 months ago.  It was my first role with Balfor, and I enjoyed the job immensely.  As well as Note Taking, I also got to do exam scribing and reading as well as sighted guiding for the Disability and Dyslexia service.  The University is a lovely place to work, the facilities are great, and the staff and students are friendly and welcoming.  The role allows you to work flexibly and with plenty of autonomy, along with supporting students with varying disabilities to work towards their degree.
Helen McGregor
My names Helen McGregor and I have worked for Balfour recruitment, working with the University of Worcester for two years in total with a gap year in between.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Balfor and the University (having been a student myself some years ago) and look forward to supporting the students in whatever way possible. It has been wonderful meeting students studying different degrees and being able to help them get the best out of their lecture. The feedback I had from one student is that if I can take his notes then he can focus on the lecture which he certainly found helpful. 
Balfor have always offered me as many hours as possible to support the students and alongside my other job I am very happy to cover as many hours as possible. I enjoyed the job very much and would have happily done this full time if the hours were consistent and covered the summer months. However, I know this is not possible.
As we are approaching the summer and there aren’t any lectures I have returned full time to my previous job but I would certainly consider taking as many hours as possible in the future. 
Hannah Holmes
I have worked at the University of Worcester through Balfor as a Student Support Worker since October 2014. I have enjoyed this role and have had the opportunity to work with a variety of students with different needs. Balfor have been a reliable agency to work through and are always available to answer any questions and offer support.
Rebecca Bonnet
I have worked for Balfor agency for about 6 months now and have had the privilege of supporting fantastic students.  The variety of subjects makes the role even more interesting and the passion from the lecturers is really engaging.  It’s great to be part of enabling students to reach their academic goals.   
In addition Balfor will add to this pool of workers over the summer period thus ensuring an adequate number of support workers are available. Our recruitment process is quick and easy. We will advertise immediately when needed and will interview candidates as soon as they are able to meet with us. Reference’s and DBS checks are requested as soon as the interview has taken place. Candidates can be turned around very quickly and in some cases this is within a couple of days.

University of Worcester – Alice Kemble-Davies, Disability Support Service Manager
I can confirm that we have worked with Balfor for over a year.
With adequate notice, Balfor have been able to provide a pool of support workers to meet demand and on occasions been able to provide support at short notice. Balfor help us to induct their Support Workers through an initial meeting to go through key information about our service delivery and how to claim; this is proving useful.    
We have had feedback that some students like the Balfor Support Worker that has been allocated to them and are providing a good service.